What We Do

We invest in promising UK-based companies with strong management teams and the ability to grow rapidly. Alderic Capital was founded on the basis that, in addition to financial investment, it invests the time of its own professionals to provide strategic and corporate finance expertise as well as corporate governance where needed. 

Investment Approach

Alderic Capital looks to invest in exceptional small and medium-sized businesses across a range of industry sectors, property development projects and early-stage mining projects where we believe there is the potential for significant capital growth. 

We are also intensively looking to hospitality to diversify our real estate investments and achieve a long-term, stable income. While we understand that smaller company investments can carry greater risk, we mitigate these risks by following a rigorous investment process: conducting detailed due diligence, careful negotiation and by supporting investee companies through difficulties and by helping to promote growth.

Rigorous Investment Process

Our investment process follows a predefined structure, designed to ensure maximum investment oversight. Alderic Capital’s independent, asset-specific investment professionals utilise their extensive sector network and experience to screen the market for potential investment opportunities. The investment professionals are responsible for the due diligence analysis and economic assessment of targeted assets. They identify the risks involved in order to determine the potential viability of investments and optimised risk-return profiles. Throughout the entire investment process, the investment professionals work closely with the independent teams in Fund Management, Risk Management, Valuation, Product Structuring & Tax, Compliance and Product Legal to ensure a comprehensive audit of all assets and to identify additional value creation potential. This approach provides a comparatively thorough analysis of opportunities at an early stage of the acquisition process. Additionally, during the structuring of the investment, care is taken to align the structure as best as possible with the requirements of the investors.

An investment is made only if it passes the in-depth analysis of the investment, portfolio management, risk management, liquidity management and valuation teams and due diligence by external advisors.

Once an asset has been on-boarded, Alderic Capital manages the asset over its entire lifetime to fully realise its value. The Alderic Capital’s independent portfolio management, risk management, valuation and reporting functions ensure continuous supervision and rigorous investment oversight and operational management over the entire lifecycle of an asset.


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